NEW – Health Break Collagen

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To have a healthy glow, we must hydrate well and our skin must receive enough of all the nutrients that allow it to regenerate.

Collagen, among other nutrients, helps maintain the glow of healthy-looking skin.
Oasis Health Break Collagen offers you these attributes and is bursting with a deliciously fresh flavour.

Each 250 ml glass of Oasis Health Break Collagen provides 2 g of collagen, in a delicious blend of grapefruit, hibiscus flower and blackberry juice.

Far beyond the superficial, the role of collagen in your body extends to the various fibers that make up the major structures of the body, such as tendons, and ligaments.

The resilience of the skin is important, but the internal tissues need just as much love.

With Oasis Health Break Collagen, savour the beauties of life.